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Hi my name is Garridan Baldomino, What is the Fusion Formula?

Garridan Baldomino's Bio:

What is happiness to you? To me, it’s an evening with a good book or a day at the basketball court with my adorable son Roman. Life is not a movie that ends with “they lived happily ever after”, it is the pursuit of happiness that makes the whole journey beautiful. This is precisely what I do for a living. My Name is Garridan Baldomino, Fusion Retirements is the Company I own and the Fusion Formula is the process we adopt in helping you achieve the goals you have set for life. Working 9-6 for five days a week, spending time with your family, hanging out with friends, taking time out for yourself, saving money to invest in viable ventures for future prospects, too much to do in a life span? We beg to differ. We believe, when you think something is impossible, you set a limit to your capabilities which hinders your performance. At Fusion Retirements, we offer you our expertise to figure out your priorities and find a perfect balance between work, leisure and futuristic approach in life. For more than a decade I have worked as Mortgage Consultant, Life Insurance Agent and Retirement Advisor in reputable Companies. With my professional experience I have come to the conclusion that the role of an advisor is not restricted to selling a life insurance policy to a client which will make him rich twenty years from now. It is making him contend and happy with his life today, life twenty years from now and the life in between. The focus in my professional life has always been the financial betterment of all my clients, with my new business venture there is more than just gaining monetary benefits. Help me in helping you pave a path to serenity and happiness. Welcome to Fusion Retirements!

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Outdoor Activities, playing Basketball with my son and beating him....for now. Love self enrichment, reading a good book for that. Love to learn about history. it, its hard to have time to do it everyday, but its a better way to live.

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